Boom! Audio Stage II Saddlebag Speaker Kit Expand

Harley Davidson Boom! Audio Stage II Saddlebag Speaker Kit

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Directionally optimized to fill the rider cockpit with sound, these 5"x 7" Stage II Saddlebag Lid Speakers provide additional depth and dimension to your rolling concert hall. These three-way speakers feature a long-throw woofer to handle the low frequencies Separate bridge mounted mid and high frequency drivers to handle the vocals and the high notes Like high-end audiophile components, each speaker is powered by two channels from our 300 watt amplifier - one channel powers the woofer, and another powers the midrange and tweeter combo The speakers are driven by dedicated bass and high-frequency amplifier channels, you get thumping bass response, sizzling vocals and clean distortion free performance at all volume levels To really pump up the bass, the closed saddlebags serve as a sealed enclosure Built with composite speaker frames, heavy-weight magnets and protective perforated metal grills, these weather and vibration resistant speakers are designed for life on the road Kit includes 2 three-way speakers, electronic crossovers, grills and plug-in connections. Separate purchase of amplifier and fitment-specific installation hardware is required

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