Premium Ride Single Cartridge Fork Kit – Sportster® Models, Low-Profile Expand

HD Premium Ride Single Cartridge Fork Kit – Sportster® Models, Low-Profile

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This Single Sided Cartridge Fork provides improved handling performance by keeping the tire in contact with the road surface. Unlike typical orifice damping, the piston/valve system helps the cartridge fork achieve a linear damping force curve for consistent feel throughout the compression and extension of the front suspension. Sportster® Models, Low-Profile (104.5mm Stroke) Tuned to work in concert with the Premium Emulsion Rear Shocks Fork damping is controlled by a specifically calibrated piston and valve stack The cartridge allows the forks to react quickly to rough roads, inspiring rider confidence in sweeping corners The compression valve provides excellent low speed damping for a better rider feel, and rebound spring provides a smoother feel during topping The cartridge fork resists bottoming and dive, and the triple rate spring allows the forks to absorb bumps even under hard braking Gives the rider more control while resisting wheel hop Perfect addition during the installation of chrome or gloss black lower fork sliders
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