Wind Splitter 10 in. Windshield-57400206 Expand

HD Wind Splitter 10 in. Windshield-57400206

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In the world of functional performance, size does matter. After all, it's simple to understand that the larger the windshield area, the greater the amount of wind deflection. The Wind Splitter Windshield is a great look for all Touring models and is shaped for the perfect combination of effective airflow management and wow styling. 10" Light Smoke windshield Sweeping design complements the shape of the fairing and the inner dash panel, and adds height over a traditional low-profile wind deflector in the center where it counts Shape decreases wind noise and improves your ability to hear the motorcycles sound system Rich smoked finish does not interfere with your forward view, and looks great against any paint color Easy-to-install and features a center-mount Bar & Shield medallion for a distinctive finishing touch Stop by a participating dealer and test out this windshield today as part of our Windshield Demo Program – contact your local dealer for details

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HD Wind Splitter 10 in. Windshield-57400206

HD Wind Splitter 10 in. Windshield-57400206


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