HD 5 Amp Weather-Resistant Battery Tender Charger

Ref: HD-66000042

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Professional charging performance in a compact package. With a typical recharge time of 1 to 2 hours, this battery charger features advanced solid-state circuitry that constantly monitors the batterys charge and maintains the voltage without overcharging. Weather resistant construction provides peace of mind in case of exposure to moisture during charging Automatically switches to float mode and adjusts the charge rate up or down to keep the battery properly maintained for extended periods of time Charger features output leads equipped with 2-pin quick-disconnect that is compatible with the 7.5 Amp fused alligator clip charging harness and the Battery Charging Harness with ring terminals (included) Maximum output charge rate is 5.0 Amperes and is compatible with 2-pin or 3-pin charging harnesses For 12-volt batteries for use in USA, Canada, Mexico and South America (except Argentina) Typical Recharge Time: 1-2 hours

220 volt


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