BMW SYSTEM 7 graphit matt

Ref: BMW-76318568267

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BMW System Helmet 7 Carbon Spectrum (Yellow,Black)

The expectations of the System 7 Carbon helmet are very high. After all, this new addition to the BMW Motorrad program takes the place of the System 6 EVO helmet that is so popular among riders. And the BMW Motorrad helmet developers and designers really have succeeded in creating something of a masterpiece: this helmet especially sets a new benchmark in the areas of safety, aerodynamics and versatility, as well as setting an unmistakable milestone in terms of sporty looks. One unique feature is its capacity for effortless transformation from a system helmet into a jet helmet: the chin guard can be removed in a few seconds without the use of tools – for example when heading into town or for a relaxed country tour on a hot day.

The System 7 Carbon helmet is of course also homologated as a jet helmet. As in the predecessor model, the chin guard can also be simply flipped up by means of the four-joint mechanism – all it takes is the press of a button. The outer shell is made of solid carbon fibre with reinforcement inserts, produced in two different sizes. As such, the System 7 Carbon helmet far surpasses all safety standards with its excellent levels of impact absorption and optimum rigidity; it is also very light – weighing just 1580 g or 1680 g, depending on the size. Like the outer shell, the interior of the system helmet is absolutely high-end, being made of multiple-segmented EPS. The dual-section main shell is foam-padded in varying thicknesses. This ensures optimum wear comfort as well as excellent levels of damping. Refined Alcantara and DuPont Coolmax define the look and feel of the interior. The head, cheek and neck padding can be removed and washed.

The integrated neck straps ensure that the helmet remains in the optimum position on the head in the event of an accident. Only very few helmets boast this very special safety feature. A three-dimensionally curved MaxView visor guarantees an excellent view in all weathers in the System 7 Carbon helmet, and the field of vision has been significantly enlarged as compared with the System 6 EVO helmet. The visor is double-glazed with an anti-fog effect on the inside and a scratch-resistant coating on both sides on the outside. Thanks to the integrated sun shield, the visor can be adapted to all visibility conditions.

The large spoiler characterises the helmet’s striking, sporty design. But it is also highly effective – having been developed in the BMW wind tunnel, there are only very few helmets in the world that even approach the System 7 Carbon helmet in terms of aerodynamics and aeroacoustics. Finally, extremely good climate control rounds off the helmet’s qualities. A centrally placed slider regulates ventilation of the entire head area, while a central rocker button in the chin guard regulates visor ventilation and the air feed to the face area.


  • Flip-front helmet with quadruple-joint mechanism
  • Full carbon helmet (two sizes) offering outstanding impact absorption, lightweight design and maximum rigidity
  • Inner shell made from multi-segmented EPS
  • Double visor: anti-fog inner visor; outer visor with scratch-resistant coating on both sides
  • Effective ventilation for head and visor
  • Outstanding aerodynamics and aeroacoustics
  • Integrated sun visor, operated via slide control
  • Large, very effective spoiler
  • Chin guard opened by means of central button
  • Chinstrap with snap buckle; integrated neck straps to keep the helmet securely in position
  • Removable and washable interior made from Alcantara and DuPont Coolmax
  • Converts quickly and easily into an open-faced helmet
  • Ready for BMW Motorrad communication system
  • ECE 22-05 approved
  • Low weight: approx. 1580 g (small helmet shell)

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