HD Airflow Collection Heated Hand Grips

Ref: HD-56100107

3.296 SEK

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Keep comfortable on those cool morning or frigid night rides. These thermostatically controlled grips feature variable heat settings controlled with a military grade resistor, and use automatic temperature monitoring to adjust to ambient temperatures. Grips have been thermally mapped to provide a more uniform heat and are designed to achieve a maximum operating temperature approximately 20° Fahrenheit warmer than previous accessory heated grips for added warmth during cold rides.

With both hands on the grips, they will remain at a constant temperature regardless of changes in outside temperature

Self-contained control circuit and control knob means you have no additional switches or controller boxes to mount

Grips are switched on/off with the ignition to avoid draining your battery

“Glueless” grip design allows grip removal if you change handlebars or motorcycles

Wrap your fingers around the chrome ridge for a sweet tactile feel

Combines a traction-grip crosshatch rubber surface with a comfortable 1.6″ diameter for excellent control in wet or dry weather

Easy-to-install “glueless” design allows you to remove the grips for service without damage


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