HD Boom! Audio Half Helmet Music Headset-76569-09

Ref: HD-76569-09

1.221 SEK

Beställningsvara, leveranstid 5-14 dagar.

Listen to music or navigation system directions while wearing a half helmet. This comfortable headset features a lightweight, durable neck bow that wraps around the ear and across the back of the neck and fits comfortably below the shell of most half helmets.

Foam-covered on-ear stereo headphone cups reduce wind noise while allowing you to hear surrounding traffic, and the quick-disconnect plug allows you to step away from the motorcycle without removing the headset

Clothing clip is included for added comfort and reduced ear fatigue

The 1/8″ (3.5mm) plug can be connected to the Road Tech™ zumo, Road Tech™ XM® Satellite Radio, and other MP3 players and portable stereo devices


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