HD HOG Blaster Motorcycle Dryer-94651-09

Ref: HD-94651-09

2.283 SEK

Beställningsvara, leveranstid 5-14 dagar.

Dry your bike in minutes with the HOG Blaster. This powerful dryer blows a stream of warm, dry, filtered air at 18,000 feet/minute, allowing you to cut your drying time up to 75%.

Reduces streaks and water spots because water can’t hide in hard to reach places

No more annoying drips and runs when you move your bike

With an ergonomically friendly design for comfortable handling, the Hog Blaster features a durable all-steel outer shell, a 1.3 hp motor and a grounded electrical cord

Kit includes blower unit, flexible hose and 2 diffuser attachments

120V, grounded 3-prong plug (US, Canada, Mexico)


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